photo by my sistersoulmate: Stephanie Crocker

Hey y'all!

I'm not actually from the South, but I have fully adopted "y'all" as my favorite way to address a group of people.

I am Colombian born, California raised, with a love for tea that must come from my British father.

All of my lettering and calligraphy is self taught. I have loved art and letters since I was a young girl and used to spend hours writing pages and pages of a single letter in order to perfect its shape. It's a wonder I didn't dive head first into an arts college right out of high school. Instead I took the route of academia and studied Sociology at UC Berkeley. But the artist in me couldn't stop drawing. I have spent the last three years exploring my artistic side and have found my path as a lettering artist. 

I am attracted to lettering because it is a perfect cross-section between the functional and the beautiful. Letters and words allow us to communicate, and as a lettering artist I am able to make those words beautiful. Isn't that lovely?